CIMEX Building and Logo


In 1986 CIMEX joined the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission’s “Laguna Verde” nucleoelectric project
as a qualified company specializing in quality assurance, technical assistance, and consulting.
The technical demands of such an involvement in the nuclear field have qualified CIMEX as an internationally acclaimed enterprise in a variety of industrial processes with a particular emphasis in mechanical, electrical, civil, instrumentation, and project management fields. Within the national and international markets, CIMEX has continuously offered services to both the public and private sectors by relying on its qualified personnel that is
certified in accordance to to Mexican and international norms.

Entrance to CIMEX's Building


Since it was established, CIMEX has been working in fields such as:

  • Inspection, supervision, and expeditation
  • Mechanical integrity surveys
  • Certification of equipment and process plants
  • Determination of fitness for service of equipment in operation or used
  • Verification of conformity according to Mexican official norms
  • Project management supervision

CIMEX’s Experience