CIMEX offers mechanical integrity surveys and fitness determination tests that evaluate the structural integrity
of a component in service with defects. Such defects may originate during manufacturing or through different damage mechanisms during the operative life of the component.
Using quantitative normative criteria, we can determine if the component is apt for remaining in normal operation or if any measure must be adopted to reclassify it. Possible measure to adopt include: establishing new operating pressures or temperatures, making repairs, or mitigating the damage mechanisms.
CIMEX offers the mechanical integrity survey service for static mechanical equipments taking into account the needs of our clients and the applicable guidelines of the different documents related to the facilities under consideration. Amongst the applicable norms we can highlight: API 510, API 653, and API 579.
CIMEX has API qualified personnel to comply with the following codes: API 510, API 570, API 571, API 577, API 653, and API 580.


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